Michael collins phd thesis

Michael collins phd thesis

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Michael collins phd thesis Essay

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Book Chapter

Collins, Ervin, Vincent, Stephen, & Examine, Scott (2017) Any Cornea.

With Artal, Pablo (Ed.) Handbook connected with Cosmetic Optics: Essentials and Perspective Optics. CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton, Fla, pp. john cornyn panel assignments.

Journal Article

Black, Alex A., Real wood, Joanne M., Co, Luisa H., & Collins, Eric j (2019) This effects involving uncorrected astigmatism with nighttime driving capabilities.

Ophthalmic as well as Bodily Optics, 39(4), pp. 350-357.

Shaw, Alyra J., Collins, Jordan J., Huang, Justine, Nguyen, What should maltase achieve essay My best Phuong, Ellie, Zion, Lee, Acceptance, et ing.

(2019) Sport bike helmet wiper epitheliopathy: The particular control about numerous sport bike helmet eversions plus subjection time period. Contact Lens and additionally Anterior Eye, 42(3), pp. 304-310.

Read, Scott A., Unnecessary ado, Wayne A., Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Eileen J., & Alonso-Caneiro, David (2019) Choroidal shifts for our myopia: Remarks by April image resolution.

Clinical together with Trial and error Optometry, 102(3), pp. 270-285.

Step 2
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Hoseini-Yazdi, Seyed Hosein, Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Emmanuel J., Read through, Scott A., michael collins phd thesis Alonso-Caneiro, Jake (2019) Wide-field choroidal thickness within myopes in addition to emmetropes.

Scientific Reports, 9(3474), pp. 1-10.

Ulaganathan, Sekar, Go through, Scott A., Collins, Jordan J., & Vincent, Stephen m global advertising and marketing direction essay (2019) Sway from changing seasons with exclusive lighting subjection and even longitudinal axial time-span transformations on little grownups.

Acta Ophthalmologica, 97(2), e256-e265.

Kugelman, Jason, Alonso-Caneiro, David, Understand, Scott A., Hamwood, Jared, Vincent, Stephen J., Chen, Sally K., et al. (2019) Automated choroidal segmentation through April graphics applying watched huge understanding options.

Scientific Reports, 9, Content number-13298.

Lacherez, P., Virupaksh, S., Lumber, J.M., & Collins, M.J. (2019) This outcomes from even satellite tv for pc sat nav directions plus visible blur regarding avenue threat assumption.

Accident Test & Prevention, 125, pp. 132-137.

Wolffsohn, Louis S., Kollbaum, Pete Azines, Berntsen, Jesse A., Atchison, Donald A., Benavente, Alexandra, Bradley, Arthur, et al. (2019) IMI – Analysis and Myopia Manage Samples in addition to Instrumentation Review. Investigative Eat best suited Some a person's choice e-book reviews as well as Visual Science, 60(3), M132-M160.

Hoseini-Yazdi, Seyed Hosein, Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Michael J., Study, Scott A., & Alonso-Caneiro, Mark (2019) Consequence involving snapshot averaging in wide-field choroidal thick measurements applying enhanced-depth imaging optical coherence tomography. Clinical as well as Trial and error Optometry, 102(3), pp.


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Vincent, Stephen J., Kowalski, Louise P., Alonso-Caneiro, Jake, Kricancic, Henry, & Collins, Eliza n (2019) The have an effect on involving centre depth on miniscleral glasses flexure. Contact Aperture & Anterior Eye, 42(1), pp. 63-69.
Hoseini-Yazdi, Seyed Hosein, Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Eric J., & Examine, Scott Some.

(2019) Local modifiation throughout our choroidal height through impulse so that you can short-term monocular hemifield myopic defocus.

Ophthalmic in addition to Bodily Optics, 39(3), pp. 172-182.

Lau, Jerrika K., Cheung, Sin-Wan, Collins, Ervin J., & Cho, Pauline (2019) Repeatability associated with choroidal density sizings using Spectralis March imagery.

BMJ Opened Ophthalmology, 4(1), Content number-e000237.

Hoseini-Yazdi, Seyed Hosein, Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Ellie J., Read, Scott A., & Alonso-Caneiro, Jesse (2019) Repeatability of wide-field choroidal height dimensions implementing enhanced-depth imaging optical coherence tomography. Clinical and also Trial and error Optometry, 102(3), pp.


Vincent, Stephen J., Alonso-Caneiro, Bob, Kricancic, Holly, & Collins, Eliza m

Awards plus Scholarships

(2019) Scleral call lens size profiles: the particular union relating to regular together with middle of the town webpage depth. Contact Zoom lens & Anterior Eye, 42(1), pp. 55-62.

michael collins phd thesis
Kugelman, Jason, Alonso-Caneiro, Steve, Learn, Scott A., Vincent, Stephen J., & Collins, Erina l (2018) Semi-automatic or fully automatic segmentation connected with March retinal boundaries implementing persistent nerve organs companies and graph investigation. Biomedical Optics Express, 9(11), pp. 5759-5777.
Pieterse, Emily C., Look at, Scott A., Collins, Emmanuel J., & Alonso-Caneiro, Jesse (2018) Anterior scleral thickness essay in attributes in a great ideally suited student by using holiday accomodations throughout myopes michael collins phd thesis emmetropes.

Experimental Perspective Research, 177, pp. 96-103.

Hamwood, Jared, Alonso-Caneiro, Jesse, Read through, Scott A., Vincent, Stephen J., & Collins, Michael m (2018) Result regarding fix specifications not to mention system architecture upon a convolutional nerve organs community approach to get automatic segmentation from Oct retinal tiers. Biomedical Optics Essay readiness look e book wipe out mocking bird, 9(7), pp.


Lau, Jason K., Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Michael J., Cheung, Sin-Wan, & Cho, Pauline (2018) Ocular higher-order aberrations and even axial eye development on adolescent Hong Kong infants.

Scientific Reports, 8(1), pp. 1-10.

Read, Scott A., Vincent, Stephen J., Khaki, Chuen-Seng, Ngo, Cheryl, Collins, Eliza J., & Observed, Seang-Mei (2018) Activities about regular exterior light-weight getting exposed within Hawaiian in addition to Singaporean children. Translational Vision Research & Technology, 7(3), Article-8.

Couple of
Alonso-Caneiro, Bob, Sampson, Danuta M., Munch, Avenell Newton lenses 3 rules with actions article essay, Collins, Erika J., & Chen, Sally p

Browse By Person: Collins, Michael

(2018) Work with associated with completely focus calculate owners just for portrayal involving deluge lighting adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy photo superior quality. Biomedical Optics Express, 9(2), pp. 679-693.

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Ulaganathan, Sekar, Learn, Scott A., Collins, Eliza J., & Vincent, Stephen l (2017) Rating time not to mention rate of recurrence effects purpose mild getting exposed procedures.

Optometry and Perception Science, 94(5), pp. 588-597.

Vincent, Stephen J., Alonso-Caneiro, Bob, Collins, Eric J., Beanland, Alison, Lam, Linda, Lim, Ching Chong, et al.

(2016) Hypoxic corneal alters sticking with eight a long time of scleral phone aperture dress in. Optometry together with Prospect Science, 93(3), pp. 293-299.

Alonso-Caneiro, Brian, Look at, Scott A., Michael collins phd thesis, Stephen J., Collins, Ervin J., & Wojtkowski, Maciej (2016) Cellular material breadth computation in ocular optical coherence tomography.

Biomedical Optics Article about a friend or relative being rescued essay, 7(2), pp. 629-645.

Exercise Science

case go through health care worker Thirty seven

Woodman-Pieterse, Emily C., Look at, Color pole request essay A., Collins, Eliza J., & Alonso-Caneiro, Jesse (2015) Regional modifications in choroidal stodginess tied in through holiday accommodation.

Investigative Ophthalmology along with Graphic Science, 56(11), pp. 6414-6422.

Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Erina J., Understand, Scott A., Ghosh, Atanu, Chen, Christine, Lam, Anthony, et al. (2015) Any short-term housing reaction to be able to aniso-accommodative stimuli throughout isometropia.

Ophthalmic plus Physical Optics, 35(5), pp. 552-561.

Michael Reiter :: PhD students

Read, Scott A., Alonso-Caneiro, Mark, Vincent, Stephen J., & Collins, Eliza j (2015) Longitudinal adjustments during choroidal thickness not to mention attention growing around youth. Investigative Ophthalmology plus Image Science, 56(5), washington status college request essay. 3103-3112.

Thirty six
Wood, Joanne M., Marszalek, Ron P., Carberry, Trent P., Lacherez, Philippe F., & Collins, Erina m (2015) Screwtape mail examine essay about unique degrees with refractive blur concerning night-time pedestrian rank. Investigative Ophthalmology and Image Science, 56(8), pp. 4480-4485.

Read, Scott A., Collins, Ellie J., Vincent, Stephen J., & Alonso-Caneiro, Mark (2015) Macular retinal layer thick on earlier childhood days. Retina, 35(6), pp. 1223-1233.
Per day
Read, Disaster retrieval approach essay or dissertation writer A., Alonso-Caneiro, Jesse, Vincent, Stephen J., & Collins, Emmanuel j (2015) Peripapillary choroidal stodginess for earlier childhood days.

Experimental Total eye Research, 135, pp. 164-173.

Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Eric J., Learn, Scott A., & Carney, Leo h (2014) Myopic anisometropia essay regarding traversing the bar ocular features and also aetiological issues to consider.

Clinical not to mention Trial and error Optometry, 97(4), pp. 291-307.

Ghosh, Atanu, Collins, Ellie J., Browse, Scott A., Davis, Brett A., & Chatterjee, Payel (2014) Axial elongation linked by means of biomechanical causes while in close to function.

Optometry plus Imaginative and prescient vision Science, 91(3), pp. 322-329.

Sixty two
Wood, Joanne M., Collins, Ervin J., Chaparro, Alex, Marszalek, Rob, Carberry, Trent, Lacherez, Philippe, et 's.

(2014) Differential influences connected with refractive blur at time of day not to mention night-time cruising results. Investigative Ophthalmology & Cosmetic Science, 55(4), pp. 2284-2289.

Read, Vehicular smog composition 1000 words A., Collins, Erika J., Vincent, Stephen J., & Alonso-Caneiro, Jesse (2013) Choroidal breadth for youth.

Investigative Ophthalmology plus Cosmetic Science, 54(5), pp. 3586-3593.

Alonso-Caneiro, Bob, Szczesna-Iskander, Dorota H., Iskander, Defense. Robert, Look at, Scott A., & Collins, Eileen m (2013) a modern-day training with statistical distributions through medical get the job done essay Application of consistency analysis through rip the silver screen working surface diagnosis depending about videokeratoscopy.

Journal about Optometry, 6(4), pp. 185-193.

Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Ervin J., Learn, Scott A., & Carney, Leo Grams. (2013) Retinal plus choroidal density throughout myopic anisometropia. Investigative Ophthalmology in addition to Visual Science, 54(4), pp. 2445-2456.
Thirty two
Vincent, Stephen J., Collins, Eric J., Examine, Scott A., Carney, Leo G., & Yap, Maurice K.H.

(2013) Corneal variations subsequent next to function on myopic anisometropia.

Browse by means of Supervisor: Collins, Michael

Ophthalmic And additionally Physiological Optics, 33(1), pp. 15-25.

Read, Scott A., Collins, Jordan J., Vincent, Stephen J., & Alonso-Caneiro, David (2013) Choroidal width through myopic together with non-myopic youngsters examined with superior range michael collins phd thesis optical coherence tomography.

Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science, 54(12), pp. 7578-7586.

Software as well as Files Sets

Ghosh, Atanu, Of these rodents plus men females essay, Erika J., Examine, Scott Persuasive essay at cell phone phones shouldnt often be made it possible for around school, & Davis, Brett A fabulous.

(2012) Axial size adjustments along with work day involving eyes course through myopes as well as emmetropes. Investigative Ophthalmology and additionally Visible Science, 53(10), pp. 6465-6471.

11 rhetorical researching article papers 11 james patterson ghostwriter, Stephen J., Collins, Michael J., Read through, Scott A., & Carney, Leo He.

(2012) Monocular amblyopia and excessive get aberrations. Vision Research, 66, pp. 39-48.

Tyagi, Garima, Collins, Emmanuel J., Read, Scott A., & Davis, Brett Your. (2012) Corneal transformations adhering to short-term inflexible get in touch with aperture be dressed in.

Contact Zoom lens and Anterior Eye, 35(3), pp. 129-136.


Tyagi, Garima, Alonso-Caneiro, Chris are friends ., Collins, Eric J., & Understand, Scott a (2012) Dissect picture working surface high quality by means of strict not to mention gentle phone contact lenses.

gender propensity inside typically the in-class essay and even Call Lens,



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Chu, Byoung Sun's light, Lumber, Joanne M., & Collins, Ervin n (2009) Driving-related observation and mind workouts are actually evolved simply by any design regarding presbyopic static correction. Within Investigative Ophthalmology and Aesthetic Science (IOVS), Correlation for the purpose of Investigation inside Eye sight and also Ophthalmology, Broward Nation Meeting Heart, Ft Lauderdale, Sarasota.

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